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Not long until Halloween! Here are 10 different ways to say something is scary:

  1. bloodcurdling – extremely alarming
    The banshee gave a bloodcurdling shriek.
  2. chilling – terror provoking 
    There was a chilling scream and then silence returned to the graveyard.
  3. creepy – causing the sensation that there are things crawling on your skin
    We heard creepy music coming from the basement, but when we checked there was no one there. 
  4. eerie –  suggestive of the supernatural, strange and frightening
    An eerie silence descended over the house.
  5. frightening –  causing terror or dread
    The story was frightening and she wouldn´t be able to sleep.
  6. horrifying –  provoking intense and profound fear
    A horrifying sound was heard from within.
  7. nightmarish – extremely alarming
    She had a nightmarish vision of what was to come.
  8. petrifying – provoking (figurative) paralysis from terror
    The horror film was petrifying.
  9. sinister – evil or threatening, forshadowing evil or tragic developments 
    The old lady looked sinister.
  10. spooky – sinister or ghostly
    We told spooky stories around the campfire. 

Have you had a chance to try our Spooky Spelling game? Play with these 10 words or find more spooky spelling lists here.

20 Oct 2020
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