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Those of you who’ve been reading our blog for a long time will know that, here at Spellzone, we're huge Halloween fans. From exploring the gruesome origins of common English phrases to sharing frightful Words for Wednesday – if it’s scary, we’re there. 

This year to celebrate, we’ve launched an extra special spelling game! It’s only available until October 31st, so make sure you have a go while you can.

In Spooky Spelling, you have to catch creepy spiders in order to spell words. You can even choose a Halloween vocabulary list to practise with! 

Spelling games are great way to warm up at the start of a lesson, or to take a break with when you’re beginning to lose focus. And it’s not just Spooky Spelling that’s new! At Spellzone Headquarters, we’ve been busy developing a whole host of new games to keep you busy. 

Here are some perfect games for helping you practise your spellings without making it seem like a chore:

⦁    Help a shark find his catch of the day in Fishy Business. Click here to practise spelling the names of our under-the-sea friends.
⦁    Every second matters in our game-show-inspired Against the Clock. Practise spelling the units of time here.
⦁    Beat a cowboy at cards in Wild West and learn about different types of cattle in this vocabulary list.
⦁    Help a frog catch his dinner in Sticky Bugs. Click here for a vocabulary list about insects. 
⦁    The perfect game for a rainy day – fill your bucket with water droplets in Raindrops and practise spelling weather words at the same time. 
⦁    Protect your rocket from destruction in Asteroids. Click here for a vocabulary list about space. 
⦁    Stop the witch from getting more powers in Which Witch. Find a spooky vocabulary list here

To play any of our spelling games, choose a word list and click the football icon.

We also have printable activities which you can access by choosing a word list and clicking on print icon.

Stay tuned – next week we’ll be sharing spooky spelling lists! 

17 Oct 2019
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"I have just subscribed and look forward to continuing to use Spellzone. I have been really impressed with the program during the trial period and the students gave very positive feedback. Many thanks."

Teacher, International School, Geneva