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Study the word list: Animals, ruminants

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An antelope has long legs and horns directed upward and backward.
Bison are a type of bovid with shaggy manes, large heads, and short horns.
A bull is an uncastrated adult male of domestic cattle.
Cattle are domesticated bovine animals as a group regardless of sex or age.
A chamois is hoofed mammal of mountains of Eurasia with upright horns with backward hooked tips.
A cow is the female of domestic cattle.
A deer is a hoofed grazing animal, the male species of which is known for its antlers.
A giraffe is a spotted animal known for its long neck.
An ibex is a large mountain goat with large recurved horns.
Manure is animal dung used to fertilize land.
A moose is a large brown deer.
A musk deer is a heavy-limbed upland deer of central Asia valued by the perfume industry for the secretes of its male species.
An ox is an adult castrated bull.
A ruminant is a hoofed mammal with a stomach divided into four (occasionally three) compartments.
A buffalo is a large shaggy-haired brown bison of North American plains.

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