Frightful Words for Wednesday

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With Halloween coming this Friday, this week’s post will be fittingly spooky. Here are five frightful (and less common) words to do with the supernatural…

Spectre - A phantom or ghost perhaps a mental image of something menacing or scary.

Eldritch - Weird, sinister and eerie. Famed Horror writer H.P Lovecraft wrote a series of short stories named the ‘Eldritch Tales’ which are worth a read for those looking for a fright.

Macabre - To do with death or the quality of having a grim our ghastly atmosphere

Grotesque – Very ugly or comically distorted, also refers to French gothic sculptures often mistaken for Gargoyles.

Gnarled - A very fitting word, it almost defines itself, twisted, rough and distorted with age.

See if you can sneak these words into your conversations or writing this week, or write a short and spooky tale using these words as inspiration!

29 Oct 2014
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