10 Words for … TIRED

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  1. drained – very tired, emptied of energy
    We were drained after our first week back at school.
  2. drowsy – half asleep
    My medication makes me drowsy.
  3. exhausted – extremely tired, depleted of energy 
    We were exhausted after our day at the beach.
  4. fatigued – extremely tired, drained of energy
    I was fatigued after our long drive. 
  5. jet-lagged – extremely tired due to flying from one time zone to another 
    It took me a week to stop feeling jet-lagged after our holiday to America. 
  6. knackered – very tired 
    I don’t know about you, but I’m knackered after that run.
  7. lethargic – deficient in alertness or activity
    His illness made him feel lethargic
  8. sleepy – ready to fall asleep
    He was sleepy all day after staying up late the night before. 
  9. spent – extremely tired, drained of energy
    I climbed into bed, spent after my long day. 
  10. weary – physically and mentally fatigued
    She was weary from her long journey. 


15 Sep 2020
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill