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While we are on lockdown, it is important to get inventive with how we stay connected with our friends, families, and communities. We’ve heard wonderful stories about virtual lessons and games nights, neighbours exchanging phone numbers for the first time, and children putting artwork up in their windows to encourage others.

Here are Spellzone we’ve been working hard to help our community stay in touch too – click here to learn more about some of the things we’ve been doing.

This month, we’ve decided to put communication right at the heart of our 10 Words post. Here are ten different ways of saying talk:

  1. Chat – to talk socially in an informal manner
    She chatted with her neighbour over the fence.
  2. Gab to talk profusely
    When they met up like this, they could gab for hours.
  3. Natter – to talk socially and informally for a long time
    He loved to natter with his gran on the phone.
  4. Express – to articulate something either with words or a noise
    She tried to think of the best way to express what she meant.
  5. Articulate – to express something clearly, precisely, and eloquently
    No matter how many different ways he tried to articulate the problem, his friend did not seem to understand.
  6. Confer – to talk something over, for example a plan
    They conferred for a few minutes and then returned to the negotiation.
  7. Consult – to ask for advice both formally and informally, to give advice professionally
    He consulted the doctor for advice.
  8. Utter – to express something with either a word or a noise
    She promised she wouldn’t utter a word.
  9. Blather – to talk in a longwinded and nonsensical way
    She wished he would stop blathering on about the television show he was watching.
  10. Gossip – to spread rumours or secrets about someone or something
    He enjoyed gossiping with his colleagues by the water cooler.

You can practise spelling these words here.

What have you been doing to stay in touch with your communities? Let us know in the comments!


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17 Apr 2020
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"Thank goodness for Spellzone during this remote learning phase. The site is easy for students to navigate independently and they're really enjoying the activities and spelling games. You get an awful lot for your money with Spellzone. Really reassuring is the very prompt response with helpdesk queries. I've very rarely needed the helpdesk, but when I have, the issue has been addressed and sorted within a very short time."

Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill