How do you like your eggs in the morning?

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To celebrate Easter week, we’ve got a 10 Words… blog post with a twist. How do you like your eggs in the morning?

  1. fried - a fried egg is cooked by cracking an egg into hot oil or butter in frying pan
    On Sundays I have fried egg and bacon for breakfast. 
  2. sunny-side-up - a sunny-side-up egg is only fried on one side so the yolk remains a deep yellow colour and is runny
    She preferred her eggs sunny-side-up to over-easy.
  3. over-easy - an over-easy fried egg is flipped over so that the top is also cooked lightly 
    She preferred over-easy eggs to sunny-side-up.
  4. soft-boiledsoft-boiled egg is boiled while still in its shell until the eggwhite becomes solid 
    Do you like to dip toast soldiers into your soft-boiled egg?
  5. hard-boiled - a hard-boiled egg is boiled while still in its shell until it both the eggwhite and the yolk become solid
    Hard-boiled eggs are great for eating on the go.
  6. devilled - devilled eggs are made by removing the yolks from halved hard-boiled eggs and mixing them with condiments and spices before spooning them back into the egg whites
    The devilled eggs were very spicy.
  7. scrambled - scrambled eggs are made by beating eggs into a mixture which is then cooked while stirring in a frying pan
    Would you like some scrambled egg on toast?
  8. poached - a poached egg is cooked by cracking an egg into boiling water
    I am learning how to cook poached eggs.
  9. omelette - an omelette is made by beating eggs into a mixture which is folded with cheese, meat, or vegetables and cooked in a frying pan until set
    We made a cheese and mushroom omelette.
  10. frittata - a frittata is an Italian dish, similar to an omelette, in which beaten eggs are mixed with chopped meats and vegetables and cooked on both sides in a frying pan
    My mother added sliced potato to the frittata.

Did you know you can practise these words in variety of spelling activities?

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12 Apr 2022
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