20 Computer and Internet Vocabulary Words (part 1)

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Due to lockdown, more and more people are turning to the internet to find virtual alternatives for their usual entertainment. 

This week we are looking at twenty words that have evolved in meaning as technology has advanced. 

  1. block
    This word for obstruct or prevent is used on the internet to describe the act of preventing someone from contacting you or seeing your information. 
    She blocked anyone she didn’t know who tried to message her. 
  2. bookmark
    This word for a paper or ribbon marker used to keep one’s place in a book now also describes the act of marking a webpage you want to refer to again. 
    Make sure you bookmark Spellzone so you can find it whenever you need it. 
  3. browse
    Browsing means looking around casually without wanting anything in particular, or shopping around without necessarily buying. It is now the main verb used to describe the act of looking up information on various websites. 
    I passed the time browsing the news and social media sites.
  4. click
    This onomatopoeic word is the used to describe the act of clicking on a mouse in order to select something using a pointer on the computer screen. 
    Click on the cross to close the window. 
  5. cloud
    As well as the fluffy white clouds you might picturing, the cloud is a way of storing and accessing data using the internet. 
    I always back up my work on the cloud
  6. cookie
    While you may be thinking of chocolate chips, a cookie is also a short line of text that a website puts on your computer's hard drive. 
    This website uses cookies
  7.  flame
    This fiery verb describes the act of harshly (and usually unfairly) criticising someone’s work or character on the internet. 
    The author was flamed for her choice of title for her new book.
  8. handle
    A handle is another word for a username. On many social media sites, you tag people using the @ symbol. More on the word tag in part 2 of this list. 
    His Twitter handle was different to his real name. 
  9. host
    A hosting service runs a server that allows people to add content to the internet. 
    We had trouble with our website as the host server was down. 
  10. post
    The verb post is sometimes used to describe the act of putting something up on a noticeboard or similar. In internet terms, the word refers to both the act of publishing something on the internet and the thing that’s been published itself.
    Did you see my post on Instagram? 
    I should post on my blog soon.

Stay tuned for ten more internet words! 

24 Apr 2020
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"I have just subscribed and look forward to continuing to use Spellzone. I have been really impressed with the program during the trial period and the students gave very positive feedback. Many thanks."

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