20 Idioms and Expressions about Laughter

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As March 19th marked National Let's Laugh Day and March 20th marked the International Day of Happiness - what better time to share some idioms about laughter?

  1. a barrel/bundle of laughs - something that's fun or amusing
  2. a laugh a minute - very funny
  3. are you having a laugh? - are you joking?
  4. belly laugh - a loud, deep, uninhibited laugh
  5. for a laugh - for fun, for a joke
  6. good for a laugh - fun to be around
  7. laughing stock - someone who is mocked/ridiculed
  8. no laughing matter - something very serious, something that shouldn't be joked about
  9. to burst out laughing - to laugh suddenly
  10. to fall about (laughing) - to laugh uncontrollably
  11. to have the last laugh - to finally be vindicated
  12. to kill yourself laughing - to be overcome with laughter
  13. to laugh all the way to the bank - to quickly and easily make a lot of money
  14. to laugh in someone's face - to laugh at/about someone in front of them to show your distain
  15. to laugh something off - to laugh when experiencing something unpleasant to make it seem less serious
  16. to laugh your head off - to laugh very hard, to laugh uncontrollably
  17. to laugh yourself silly - to laugh for a long time, to laugh uncontrollably
  18. to play something for laughs - to make people laugh in an inappropriate or awkward situation
  19. to raise a laugh/smile - to make someone laugh/smile
  20. to split your sides - to laugh so hard your body is shaking/convulsing

Can you think of any others? Share them with us in the comments below

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20 Mar 2019
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