10 Words for … BIG

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  1. colossal – so great in size that it elicits awe
    The thieves stole a colossal amount of money.
  2. enormous – extraordinarily large in size 
    Have you read the book about the enormous crocodile? 
  3. gigantic – giant in size 
    The ship was gigantic.
  4. ginormous – giant in size, a blend of giant and enormous 
    My friend’s new house is ginormous.
  5. huge – unusually large in size
    I bought myself a huge bunch of flowers. 
  6. humongous – unusually large in size, a blend of huge and enormous 
    My family is humongous.
  7. immense – unusually great in size or scope 
    I looked out at the immense ocean. 
  8. large – above average in size 
    Our garden is quite large
  9. mammoth – so large, like a mammoth
    This is going to be a mammoth task. 
  10. massive – so large in size or bulk it is imposing 
    The queen lived in a massive castle. 

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17 Jun 2021
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