30 Idioms about Hands

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  1. a safe pair of hands – a capable, responsible, and reliable person
  2. all hands to the pump/all hands on deck – all members of a group or team must be involved
  3. at hand – close by, accessible
  4. at/by the hands of – done or caused by 
  5. cap/hat in hand – humbly (used to describe someone who is asking for a favour)
  6. first-hand – from an original source
  7. hand in glove with – closely associated with, in collusion with
  8. hand over fist – very quickly
  9. hand-me-down – a piece of clothing or other item which has been passed from one person to another
  10. hands down – clearly, decisively
  11. hands-off – without direct involvement
  12. on the one hand/on the other hand – from one point of view/from the other point of view
  13. out of hand – out of control
  14. the right hand doesn't know what the left hand's doing – one member of a group or organisation doesn’t know what another member is doing, used to describe a state of disorder or confusion
  15. to change hands – to be passed on to a different owner
  16. to get your hands on – to acquire something
  17. to give someone a hand/lend a hand – to help someone
  18. to hand down – to pass something to a successor
  19. to hand someone something on a plate – to make something very easy for another person to achieve or obtain
  20. to have something in hand – to have something under control
  21. to have your hands full – to have as much work as you can manage
  22. to have your hands tied – to be unable to intervene despite wanting to
  23. to keep your hand in – to maintain a skill in a particular field by practising or using it
  24. to know like the back of your hand – to know extremely well
  25. to stay someone’s hand – to stop someone from doing something
  26. to take matters into your own hands – to take control of a situation instead of waiting for someone else to act
  27. to tip your hand – to accidentally reveal your intentions
  28. to wait on hand and foot – to attend to someone’s every need
  29. to wash your hands of – to end your responsibility towards
  30. with one hand behind your back – restricted, limited

15 Oct 2020
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