10 Words for … QUIET

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  1. calm – quiet and peaceful (often after a state of agitation)
    Now that the storm was over, it was a calm night.
  2. hushed – softened or muted in tone
    We heard the sound of hushed voices.
  3. muffled – soft in tone and unclear, difficult to hear
    There came the muffled sound of footsteps.
  4. muted – softened in tone
    The sound of their voices was muted by the wall between us and them.
  5. noiseless – marked by the absence of sound
    She expected the room to be noiseless.
  6. peaceful – quiet and calm (often after a state of agitation)
    After a day of meetings, she spent a peaceful hour walking in the woods.
  7. silent – marked by the complete absence of sound
    The library was silent.
  8. soft – low in volume
    The doctor spoke in a soft voice.
  9. still – quiet and calm, free from movement and noise (often after a state of agitation) 
    The wind dropped and the trees were still.
  10. tranquil – quiet and peaceful (often after a state of agitation)
    The sea was tranquil.


Test youself on these words.

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23 Mar 2023
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill