Commonly Confused Words: For vs. Fore vs. Four

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What does each word mean?

For is a preposition used to describe one thing in relation to another thing. It means ‘in support of’, ‘with regard to’, ‘on behalf of’, ‘with benefit to’ and more. 

Here is for used in some example sentences:

  • She voted for the Green Party.
  • After the way the teacher dealt with the bullying at school, the parents and children found they had a renewed sense of respect for her. 
  • She was a delivery driver for the new pizza joint in town. 
  • The Spellzone course is a powerful tool for leaning. 
  • He was grateful to his family for their continued support.
  • We leave for Spain tomorrow.
  • USA stands for United States of America.
  • She swapped her juice for lemonade.
  • He was tall for his age.
  • They hadn’t seen each other for years. 
  • She waited at the bus stop for almost half an hour before deciding to walk.
  • She was the spelling champion for the third year in a row. 

You can learn more about prepositions here

Fore describes something that is situated at the front of something else.

Click here for the full Spellzone dictionary definition of the word.

Here is fore used in an example sentence:

  • The butterfly had beautiful fore and hind wings.

Four is a number that is the equivalent of one and three or two and two. 

Click here for the full Spellzone dictionary definition of the word.

Here is four used in some example sentences:

  • They met at four o’clock.
  • The teacher split up the students into groups of four.

How do I tell these three words apart?

Put each word in a sentence with other similarly spelt words. 

For example: 

  • That door is for staff use only. 
  • The engineer swore when he saw the damage on the plane’s fore wings.
  • I will pour four drinks to give to your four friends. 
  • The band of four went on tour.


What words do you constantly mix up? Let us know and we’ll cover them in our Commonly Confused Words series.


08 Jul 2019
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill