10 Words for … FAST

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  1. breakneck – at very high speed, dangerously fast  
    The plane flew at breakneck speed.
    We ran at breakneck speed to try and make it to the bus stop on time.

  2. brisk – quick and energetic  
    We went on a brisk morning walk.
    They travelled against at a brisk pace.

  3. expeditious – marked by speed and efficiency
    The investigation was completed in an expeditious manner.
    We would like an expeditious resolution to this problem.
  4. hasty – excessively quick  
    We made a hasty getaway. 
    ‘Don’t you think it was a bit of a hasty decision?’ his mother asked. 

  5. nimble – quick and light, agile
    The nimble gymnast performed a succession of somersaults.
    The nimble squirrel leapt though the trees. 

  6. nippy – quick and light, agile 
    ‘That was a nippy trip,’ she said when I returned from the shop. 
    Thanks to the nippy footwork of my friend, we scored the winning goal.

  7. quick – rapidly and without delay
    The runners were very quick.
    Let’s take a quick break.

  8. rapid – quick, with great speed
    We made a rapid exit. 
    She asked three questions in rapid succession.

  9. speedy – quick, with great speed
    We wished him a speedy recovery.
    My car is small but speedy.

  10. swift – very fast
    We wished him a swift recovery. 
    The horse was handsome and swift


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13 May 2021
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