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What are Learn the Words activities?

As students work through their Course Pathways, they are provided with Learn the Words activities for practice.

These activities include:

  • The Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check learning activity
  • The Listen and Spell test
  • Nineteen spelling games

To get the best out of their Spellzone experience, we recommend students complete a range of Learn the Words activities before moving onto the course tests.


How do I see if a student is using Learn the Words activities?

Click on a student’s name to learn more about how they have been using the resource. Click on the blue ‘Students’ tab or choose a class from the blue ‘Classes’ tab to find a list of your students.

Once you click on a student’s name, you will be taken to their ‘Results Overview’ page.

Each row on the table represents a Spellzone session and each column in the ‘Activities’ section represents a particular Learn the Words activity.

Look at the table to see what activities your student completed each time they logged into Spellzone. We recommend that students complete an even number of each type of activity to see good progress.

Watch out for a blank row: this indicates your student logged in but didn’t complete any work.


Is there a quick way I can keep track of who in my class is and isn’t using Learn the Words activities?

 Click on the blue ‘Classes’ tab to find a list of your students. Each box in ‘Activities’ column will have a bar made up of different colours to represent each Learn the Words activity.

Ideally, each student should have an equal blend of colours next to their names – this suggests that they are using Spellzone in a balanced way. 

You can roll over each block to reveal the breakdown of activities.


How can I encourage my students to use the Learn the Words activities?

Students are awarded effort and achievement points for working on different Learn the Words activities. Points count towards student title rankings and league tables, as well as medal and medallions on the student’s profile and printable certificates.

You can message your students to encourage them to use the Learn the Words activities.

To message an individual student:

  • Click on their name
  • Click on Messages

To message a class:

  • Click on the class name
  • Click on Message class

Students will see they have a message when they next log in to Spellzone. Message can only be viewed on Spellzone – students will not receive and email.

24 Nov 2022
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