Rewards, points and titles

To help students to get the most out of Spellzone they will be awarded points for both effort and achievement. These are displayed to students and their teachers as medals, medallions and certificates.


Effort rewards are awarded for learning activities and represent effort made.

One point is awarded for every attempt of a learning activity.

Effort activities include:

  • Course page
  • Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check
  • Effort Games
    (Effort games are all games EXCEPT voice and vocabulary games)


Achievement rewards are awarded for test activities and represent achievement. They are also used to determine a student's Spellzone title.

Zero to five points are awarded for each test activity based on the following results:

  • 100% = 5 points
  • 90% - 99% = 4 points
  • 60% - 89% = 2 points
  • 1% - 59% = 1 point
  • 0% = 0 points

Improving your result in a achievement activity will potentially improve the reward for the same activity.

Achievement activites consist of the following with the colour of the reward changing depending on the points given:

  • Course tests
  • Listen and Spell
  • Achievement Games
    (Achievement games are the voice and vocabulary games)


Spellzone titles are based on achievement points.

Newbie 0 points
Star 20 points
Whizz 50 points
Ninja 100 points
Scholar 150 points
Champion 200 points
Master 300 points
Elite 400 points
Legend 500 points
Expert 600 points
Titan 700 points
Professor 800 points
Grandmaster 1000 points
Grandmaster II 1200 points
Grandmaster III 1400 points
Grandmaster IV 1600 points
Grandmaster V 1900 points

Titles ladder and title cards

Profiles and Avatars

Students (and staff!) can create their own avatars. These are shown throughout Spellzone to other users and also on student profiles.

Student profiles show titles, avatars and various information about their progress to other Spellzone users.

Students roll page

Points for effort and achievement are displayed in the points column. Rollover or click through points for further information.

Rewards page

Rollover or click through each icon for further information.

Student’s My Spellzone page

League tables

As part of the rewards scheme we have introduced league tables based on the activity and results per week.

There are several league tables:


All schools with 20 or more users worldwide.

Displays top school names and country flags.


All classes with between 10 to 40 students worldwide.

Displays top class names, school names and country flags.

Students on Spellzone

All students who use Spellzone worldwide.

Displays top students’ initials, avatars, titles, profiles and country flags.

Students in your school

Students who use Spellzone in your school.

Displays top students’ initials, avatars, titles, profiles and country flags.

The league tables are not public. They will be visible only to school users who are logged into Spellzone.

Contact us if you wish to form a closed league with other schools.

Students (and their teachers) will be notified if they or their school have made the league table.

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