20 Idioms about Fruit

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  1. a bad apple spoils the barrel – a bad/corrupt person will ruin the group’s endeavour
  2. a bite at the cherry – an attempt at an opportunity 
  3. a bowl of cherries – a pleasant situation
  4. apple of (someone’s) eye – the person someone most loves/cherishes/admires
  5. bad/rotten apple – a bad influence/someone who brings trouble
  6. gone pear-shaped – gone unexpectedly wrong
  7. like a ripe plum – with little or no effort
  8. like apples and oranges/like apples to oranges – very different/incompatible 
  9. sour grapes – someone who is negative about something because they can’t have it for themself
  10. the apple/fruit never falls far from the tree – important family traits are usually inherited
  11. the cherry on the cake/top – an additional benefit that improves an already very good situation
  12. to cherry-pick – to take only what’s beneficial to you from the available options
  13. to drive someone bananas – to irritate someone
  14. to go bananas – to become angry/excited
  15. to not give a fig – to be unconcerned, to not care
  16. to speak with a plum in one’s mouth – to speak with a supposedly upper-class accent 
  17. to the core – to a high degree
  18. to upset the apple cart – to disturb the status quo
  19. top banana/second banana – the most/second most important person
  20. when life gives you lemons, (make lemonade) – try to find something positive in the difficulties life throws your way

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10 Jul 2020
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