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Here at Spellzone we want every school in England to be able to afford the learning resources needed to support its pupils. That’s why we are supporting the #ResourceOurSchools campaign:

"Students who attend schools that have good textbooks, science equipment and IT labs score two grades higher at A level than other children- the difference between getting AAA and ABB.

1 in 4 schools in England can’t afford to provide sufficient stationery and books for their pupils, and 6 in 10 children attend schools that can’t afford to spend the national average of £300 per pupil on classroom materials.

Every child deserves to receive the learning materials they need to succeed in life. That’s why our campaign won’t stop until:

  • All pupils receive the national average spend on learning resources.
  • For primary schools, this equates to £265 per pupil per year.
  • For secondaries, this equates to £365 per pupil per year.

Primary and secondary schools currently have £13 and £100 less per pupil respectively to spend on quality textbooks, ICT and lab equipment than they had in 2013.

Even with the Government’s proposed £14.1 billion education funding, research shows that schools will only have between £2-3 more to spend on each pupil’s learning materials. 

Until we receive the funding we need to create properly resourced schools, it’s up to all of us to keep the budget pressures facing schools front and centre of the debate- at every dinner table, in each PTA meeting, in MP offices up and down the country."

Click here to see how schools in your area are affected.

16 Mar 2020
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"Spellzone fits in beautifully with our Scope and Sequence of Phonological Awareness and Spelling. It also aligns perfectly with the four areas of spelling knowledge and uses the Brain, Ears, Eyes approach to learning spelling."
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