Commonly Confused Words: Lie vs. Lay

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Hands up – who gets confused between when to use the word ‘lie’ and when to use the word ‘lay’? You are not alone!

This week we’ve put together a flowchart to help you figure out when to use each word.

Here are the words used in some example sentences:

  • He lies about his age so that he can get into clubs.
  • Stop lying to everyone – you’ll only get yourself into more trouble!
  • I lied to my boss and told her I was sick because I didn’t want to miss my friend’s birthday party.
  • He knew she had lied to him, but he was willing to give her a second chance.
  • When he wants to have a rest during the day, the man lies down on his sofa.
  • Mum’s lying down at the moment, but she’ll be awake soon.
  • She lay under the tree and read her book.
  • We thought he was going to die, he had lain in a coma for past three months, but suddenly he began showing signs of recovery.
  • Please lay the table.
  • We’re planning on laying new tiles in our bathroom, but first we have to decide on a colour.
  • They laid down the groundwork over a few months, and then began working on the project in January.
  • They had laid down their arms for now, but the conflict wasn’t officially over.

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19 Jan 2015
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