Word for Wednesday: Opportunity

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for 2023 is tricky spelling words. This year, after sharing the definition and etymology of each week’s word, we will end every blog post with some tips and tricks to help you spell it.

So far in May, we've looked at the words embarrassminute, and neighbo[u]r. Our fourth word for the month is opportunity

An opportunity is a possibility that comes about due to a favourable combination of circumstances. Another word for opportunity is chance. 

Here is the word opportunity used in some example sentences:

  • You will have the opportunity to learn the words before the spelling test. 
  • If the weather is nice, we will have the opportunity to have lunch outside. 
  • I will give everyone the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

Opportunity dates to the late-fourteenth century and come from the Old French ‘opportunite’, from the Latin ‘opportunitatem’ meaning ‘favourable time’. ‘Opportunitatem’ comes from ‘opportunus’ meaning ‘suitable’ or ‘favourable’

To help you spell this word, remember that opportunity has the word port in it. Try breaking the word down in your head as you write it: OP PORT UNI TY.

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24 May 2023
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