10 Words for … SAD

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  1. depressed – in a state of severe unhappiness or despondancy 
    She was depressed so sought help from her doctor. 
  2. downhearted – in low spirits
    I feel downhearted about my chances of winning. 
  3. gloomy – filled with melancholy and despondency
    Eeyore is a gloomy character. 
  4. glum – moody and melancholic
    The rain made me feel glum.
  5. heartbroken – full of sorrow
    He was heartbroken when his husband left him.
  6. inconsolable – sad beyond comforting, incapable of being consoled
    The mourners were inconsolable at the funeral. 
  7. melancholy –  experiencing a feeling of thoughtful sadness
    She was in a melancholy mood. 
  8. miserable – very unhappy, full of misery
    We were miserable when our holiday was cancelled. 
  9. regretful – experience regret or sorrow over something you have done (or not done)
    I was regretful about my decision to cheat on the test.
  10. unhappy –  experiencing sadness, sorrow, or discontent
    The teacher was unhappy with the class’s behaviour.  

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19 Aug 2021
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Sarah Taggart, Oasis Academy Lord's Hill