Word for Wednesday: Skullduggery

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This week's Word for Wednesday is a word of Scottish origin, which emerged around the 19th Century. Unfortunately, it is a word that has fallen out of use although we’d love to see that change – since its so much fun!


The word is synonymous with ‘trickery’ or ‘dishonest behavior’ but, honestly, which would you prefer to use?

Next time you catch someone sneaking around or involved in something… clandestine (incidentally, another great word!) you can question his or her skullduggerous behavior! The word ‘skullduggery’ really does evoke a sense of underhandedness that you don’t get with its more commonplace synonyms.

It would seem that the social conventions of language have been skullduggerous over the past two centuries since we’ve been swindled out of using this fantastic word!

Hugh MacDermott

04 Feb 2015
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