How to Teach Spelling to Adults

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Teaching spelling to adults requires a thoughtful and tailored approach that acknowledges unique learning styles, experiences, and motivations. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies for teaching spelling to adult learners:

  1. Integrate Technology

    As an online spelling resource, Spellzone leverages technology to make learning spelling flexible and convenient for learners of all ages. Adult learners have the freedom to set their own pace as they work on personalised learning pathways on any device. Spellzone is both adaptable and accessible, making it suitable for learners of all abilities including those with dyslexia.
  2. Assess Spelling Needs

    Before diving into instruction, assess your adult learner's current spelling ability. Consider their goals, such as improving workplace communication, enhancing written expression, or building confidence in spelling.

    Students logging into Spellzone for the first time will be prompted to take the Spelling Ability Test, which will assess baseline knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and create personalised learning pathways targeting each learner’s specific spelling needs. Tests are automatically marked and feedback is instant, so learners can move forward through their pathways when they feel ready.
  3. Provide a Strong Foundation in Phonics

    While adult learners may have existing knowledge of phonics, reinforcing basic principles can improve spelling skills. Teach phonetic rules, sound-symbol correspondence, and common spelling patterns to help learners decode and spell words accurately.

    The Spellzone course teaches both phonics and spelling using a variety of multi-sensory activities. Students are regularly retested, and foundational learning is repeated as needed.
  4. Focus on High-Frequency Words

    Identify high-frequency words relevant to adult learners' daily lives and contexts. Emphasise the spelling of commonly-used words in their professional field, community, or personal interests. Regular practice with these words reinforces spelling retention and practical application.

    Spellzone's extensive bank of word lists includes high-frequency words relevant to adult learners' contexts, including workplace communication, academic writing, and everyday vocabulary. Learners can practise spelling these commonl words through engaging activities and games. Spellzone users can also create new word lists for their own practice.
  5. Offer Individualised Support

    Recognise that adult learners may have diverse learning needs and preferences. Provide individualised support based on their strengths, weaknesses, and learning goals.

    Spellzone offers personalised learning pathways and adaptive spelling exercises that cater to individual learners' needs. Adult learners receive targeted support through customised spelling lists, practice activities, and progress tracking features. This ensures tailored instruction for every learner.
  6. Provide Ongoing Feedback and Assessment

    Spellzone incorporates regular feedback and assessment to monitor each learner's spelling progress. Learners receive instant feedback on spelling exercises, performance reports, and personalised recommendations for further practice to support continuous improvement and motivation.

By implementing these strategies, educators and tutors can effectively teach spelling to adult learners, empowering them to enhance their written communication skills, build confidence, and achieve their learning goals. Sign up for a free trial and try Spellzone with your students today.

17 Jun 2024
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One of the students has put in a huge amount of effort in completing Spellzone at least 3 times a week since his arrival with us in January. Looking at his scores after the latest GL testing, his standardised score has risen from 99 to 131. This is a truly phenomenal result. I just wanted to share the best result I have ever seen.

Terrie Penrose-Toms, Casterton College