10 Words for … EMBARRASSED

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  1. abashed – feeling uneasy and self-conscious
    He looked abashed when I pointed out his mistake.
  2. ashamed – feeling shame, guilt, or remorse
    I am ashamed about the way I behaved.
  3. awkward – feeling out of place, uncomfortable or unsure
    The conversation made us feel awkward.
  4. blushing – physically turning red from embarrassment
    You are blushing.
  5. cringing – physically recoiling from embarrassment 
    We were cringing when we heard the story.
  6. flustered – feeling confused or agitated from awkwardness or embarrassment
    I was flustered when the teacher asked me for the answer.
  7. humiliated – feeling shame or like your pride has been wounded
    We were humiliated when we lost the game.
  8. mortified – feeling intense embarrassment
    He was mortified when he tripped over in front of everyone.
  9. self-conscious – feeling intensely uncomfortable with or unsure your appearance or behaviour
    I was self-conscious on my first day at my new job but now I really enjoy it.
  10. uncomfortable – feeling out of place, awkward, or unsure
    The conversation made us feel uncomfortable.

Test yourself on these words.

13 Apr 2023
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