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Are you looking for an engaging and interactive way to enhance your spelling skills or help your students enjoy the process of learning? Your search ends here!

Our online spelling games, available exclusively to Spellzone users, teach students to recognise and remember new spelling patterns, helping them build connections between sounds and spelling, while boosting confidence and spelling proficiency along the way.

Scroll down to find the right game for you!

Pattern Recognition Games

Recognise and memorise common English spelling patterns with our anagram-based games. You’ll be a master in no time.

  • Spelling Snowball

    Winter spelling fun! Embark on a winter adventure with this delightful spelling game. Click on snowflakes in the correct order to spell words and stay cool. Multiplayer option available! Play Spelling Snowball.

    Keep an eye out – this game changes with the weather!
  • Egg Hunt

    Crack the eggs to crack the words! Join the egg hunt! Crack the eggs in the correct order to spell words. Hurry, the clock is ticking, and every incorrect letter makes you lose time! Play Egg Hunt.
  • Fishy Business

    A spelling game that bites! Dive in and help the spelling shark find his catch of the day! Click on the fish to eat them and spell words. Watch out – incorrect letters cost you valuable time! Play Fishy Business.
  • Rain Drops

    A spelling game for a rainy day! Make the most of bad weather days with this unique spelling game. Collect raindrops in the correct order to spell words. Multiplayer option available for added fun! Play Rain Drops.
  • Bouncing Anagram

    A lively anagram adventure! Bounce into action with this lively anagram spelling game. Click on balls in the correct order to spell words. The challenge increases with each word – can you keep up? Play Bouncing Anagram.
  • Bouncing Anagram Extreme

    For extreme spellers only! Prepare for an extreme anagram spelling game! Click on balls in the correct order, but beware – balls defy gravity! Multiplayer option available for added excitement. Play Bouncing Anagram Extreme.
  • Asteroids

    Out of this world spelling challenge! Embark on an intergalactic spelling adventure! Destroy asteroids to spell words but watch out for letters that shouldn't be there. Can you conquer this cosmic challenge? Play Asteroids.
  • Monkey Business
    It's Bananas! Join the monkey business! Jump or run on letters to spell words, avoiding animals and collecting bonuses. Press up or space to jump. It's a wild spelling adventure! Play Monkey Business.

Problem Solving Games

Challenge your mind with our problem-solving games designed to enhance word and letter pattern recognition and proofreading skills.

  • Word Search
    The classic English word game. Test your word-searching skills! Drag horizontally, vertically, or diagonally across the letters to select your spellings. Available in three sizes! How many words can you find? Play Word Search.
  • Wild West
    Get off your horse and spell! Saddle up for a wild spelling adventure! Select cards to spell words and beat the cowboy. Take your time – this game has no clock – but watch out for letters that shouldn’t be there! Play Wild West.
  • Which Witch
    Hangman with a magical twist! Spell words to outsmart the witch! Every wrong letter makes her stronger so cast your spell carefully. Play Which Witch.
  • Mayan Temple
    Unlock the temple's spelling secrets! Enter the temple for a puzzling spelling adventure! Move columns up or down to form words. Use as few moves as possible to achieve a high score. Play Mayan Temple.
  • Codebreaker
    Decipher the urgent enemy message! Step into the shoes of a codebreaker! Move columns up or down to form words and decode the enemy's message. Reuse the letters wisely! Play Codebreaker.

Voice and Vocabulary Games

Enhance your vocabulary and strengthen the link between spoken and written words with our engaging voice and vocabulary games. Perfect for EAL learners!

  • Sticky Bugs
    Catch bugs and improve your vocabulary! Engage in a bug-catching spelling challenge! Catch insects to spell words but beware of the incorrect letters. Time is ticking, so stay alert! Play Sticky Bugs.
  • Against the Clock
    Race against time to spelling mastery! Feel the thrill of spelling against the clock! Your score counts down from 200, but you gain points for each correct spelling. Can you beat the clock? Every second matters! Play Against the Clock.
  • Spelling Bee
    Buzz through a virtual spelling bee! Type each word correctly as fast as you can but remember: accuracy beats speed in this thrilling spelling bee challenge. Play Spelling Bee.
  • Cool Spelling
    Chill out and improve your vocabulary! Listen to words and then jump or run into the letters to spell them. Avoid monsters, grab coins for bonuses, and hit speaker icons to repeat words. Play Cool Spelling.

Unlock the joy of learning with these captivating spelling and ESL games. Play, learn, and celebrate spelling success!

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17 Jan 2024
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"I have just subscribed and look forward to continuing to use Spellzone. I have been really impressed with the program during the trial period and the students gave very positive feedback. Many thanks."

Teacher, International School, Geneva