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When to drop the final e

Drop the e when adding a vowel suffix. Keep the e when adding a consonant suffix.

Do you know how long it will take us to get there?
I enjoyed taking my dog for a walk.
I hate this foul weather.
He gave me a hateful look.
The bully of the class was a brute.
We disliked his brutish manner.
The joke was funny.
My uncle is always joking.
I'll use this glue to fix my model.
She was extra careful when using the knife.
The umbrella was useless in the wind.
The police officer tried to extricate himself from blame.
The police said the truck driver was blameless.
My shed will be safe with this padlock on the door.
Cross the road safely when the traffic stops.
In our group of friends, there is one Hungarian, one Pole, and one American.
Have you ever tried Polish food?

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