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Study the word list: Change y to i

When you add a suffix to a word ending in a consonant + y, change the y to i , unless the suffix starts with i . To add s , change the y to i then add es

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The car battery has run dry.
A dried plum is called a prune.
We all sang 'Happy birthday to you'.
The birth of our baby was the happiest day of my life.
I need a reply by the weekend.
Have you replied to that email?
Birds fly high in the sky.
Help me get rid of these flies.
A bully is a nasty person.
The nastiness of some players spoiled the game.
Did you have a ride on the black pony ? *
The ponies in the field looked very cold in the snow. *
You will need to study hard to become a doctor.
A zoologist studies animals.
Was this actor chosen for her talent or her beauty?
There's a beautiful view from my balcony.

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Learn about these words in Unit 9. Suffixes: why we need to double letters, change them, or drop 'e'

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