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  • a detailed critical inspection
  • applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading)
  • a written document describing the findings of some individual or group
  • a state of deep mental absorption
  • a room used for reading and writing and studying
  • a branch of knowledge
  • preliminary drawing for later elaboration
  • attentive consideration and meditation
  • someone who memorizes quickly and easily (as the lines for a part in a play)
  • a composition intended to develop one aspect of the performer's technique


  • consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning
  • be a student; follow a course of study; be enrolled at an institute of learning
  • give careful consideration to
  • be a student of a certain subject
  • learn by reading books
  • think intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes


analyse British English spelling   analyze American English spelling   bailiwick   canvas   canvass   cogitation   consider   contemplate   discipline   examine   field   learn   meditate   read   report   sketch   subject   survey   take   work  

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