How to use a Spellzone Word List in a Multiplayer Game 

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There are over 1.5 million Word Lists on Spellzone which can all be used in a variety of spelling activities including spelling games. 

Spellzone games fall into three main categories and many of them can be played in multiplayer mode: 

1) Pattern recognition games 

2) Problem solving games

3) Voice and vocabulary games

If you would like to launch a multiplayer game:

  • Log into Spellzone
  • Find the word list you would like to use
  • Click on the ‘Games’ tab
  • Choose a game with a green ‘M’ icon next to it
  • Click on ‘Host a multiplayer game
  • Wait for players to join (Please note, any Spellzone user can join your game unless your school's multiplayer game preferences are set to ‘Only within this account’)
  • Once your players are ready, click on ‘Start the multiplayer game’.   

If you would like to join a multiplayer game:

  • Log into Spellzone
  • Click on the ‘Word Lists’ tab 
  • Find the game in the ‘Multiplayer games’ section and click on the red arrow that says ‘go’ 
  • Wait for your host to start the game.

21 Oct 2021
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