25 Idioms about Fire

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  1. a baptism of fire – being pushed/tested in a new experience/position by having to deal with difficult or unexpected circumstances 
  2. burning – intense 
  3. ears are burning – subconsciously aware that you’re being talked about
  4. fire and brimstone – hell 
  5. Fire away! – an expression that's used to indicate to someone that they can begin asking questions 
  6. fired-up – enthusiastic, stimulated, energised
  7. on fire – excited, on a roll  
  8. out of the frying pan into the fire – from a bad situation into a worse one
  9. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! – an expression that’s used to indicate that the person being spoken to will have to accept an unwelcome situation
  10. smoke and mirrors – obscuring the truth using misdirection
  11. to add fuel to the fire – to intensify a situation or conflict 
  12. to blaze a trail – to be the first to do something in a particular field
  13. to breathe fire – to be extremely angry
  14. to have money burning a hole in your pocket – to have money that you are tempted to spend
  15. to burn bridges – to do something that means it's impossible to go back to a previous state 
  16. to burn yourself out – to become exhausted or unwell though overwork
  17. to fire someone/to get fired – to tell someone they have lost their job/to lose your job
  18. to go through fire and water – to face any danger
  19. to go up in smoke – to come to nothing (in reference to a plan or idea)
  20. to have fire in your belly – to be determined/ambitious 
  21. to light a fire under someone – to inspire or scare someone into working harder
  22. to play with fire – to take a foolish risk 
  23. to set the world alight/on fire – to do something remarkable 
  24. to smoke like a chimney – to smoke nonstop (in reference to tobacco smoking)
  25. where there is smoke there is fire – rumours usually originate in some form or truth

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16 Apr 2019
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