Spellzone November Round-Up 2020

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One more day until December! 

Here’s a round-up of the blog posts we shared in November: 

  • Is it beginning to get cold in your part of the world? Here in England, the days are getting shorter and many of us have found ourselves reaching for our hats, scarves, and gloves. In our first blog post in November, we shared 10 alternatives for the world cold. From bitter, to chilly, to nippy; you’ll never struggle to describe the cold weather again. 
  • The fact that it gets dark early lends itself well to many of our celebrations for this time of year, many of which include sparkling lights. Our Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Diwali celebrations may have looked different this year, but we still wanted to acknowledge them on the blog. Click here to learn 20 idioms about light. 
  • For our American friends celebrating Thanksgiving, we also shared 10 ways to express gratitude in English
  • This month, we returned to our Commonly Confused Words series with palate and palette. Do you know when to use each word? Click here for tips and tricks to help you tell them apart. 
  • Our November Word for Wednesday theme was vegetables. What does the word cabbage have in common with the word captain? What was the first type of potato to be introduced to Europe? Is it courgette or zucchini? Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Follow the links to find out. 

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30 Nov 2020
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"I have just subscribed and look forward to continuing to use Spellzone. I have been really impressed with the program during the trial period and the students gave very positive feedback. Many thanks."

Teacher, International School, Geneva