20 Idioms about Light

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  1. all sweetness and light – harmonious, benevolent 
  2. in light of something – with something taken into consideration
  3. in the cold light of day – after one has had the time to properly consider a situation
  4. in the limelight/spotlight – in the centre of attention
  5. leading light – an influential person 
  6. light at the end of the tunnel – a signal that a long period of hardship is coming to an end 
  7. the light of one’s life – someone who is deeply loved 
  8. to go out like a light – to fall asleep quickly or suddenly
  9. to bring something to light – to make something known, to expose something 
  10. to come to light – to become known 
  11. to give someone/something the green light – to give permission to someone/something
  12. to have a light bulb go off in one’s head/to have a lightbulb moment – to experience a moment of epiphany 
  13. to hide one's light under a bushel – to hide or stay quiet about one's successes or talents 
  14. to light a fire under someone – to cause someone to work in a quick and efficient manner
  15. to light up – to suddenly become animated or lively 
  16. to punch someone’s lights out – to beat someone up 
  17. to see in a good/bad/new light – to see in a good/bad/new way 
  18. to see the light – to finally realise something
  19. to see the light of day – to be born, to become known or available to the public
  20. to throw light on – to explain something by providing more information 

10 Nov 2020
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