20 Idioms about Cleaning

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1.      a clean bill of health – a declaration that someone is healthy again 
2.      a clean break – a complete separation 
3.      a clean getaway – an undetected escape
4.      a clean slate/sheet – free of existing commitments and restrictions 
5.      a new broom sweeps clean – people who are new to a responsibility will make vast changes
6.      as clean as a whistle – very clean
7.      clean cut – appearing neat and tidy
8.      elbow grease –physical effort when cleaning and polishing
9.      rags to riches – a rise from poverty to wealth 
10.    spick and span – neat and tidy
11.    squeaky clean – very clean
12.    to clean out – to remove unwanted items 
13.    to clean up – to make a large profit 
14.    to clean up one’s act – to begin behaving in a better way 
15.    to clean your plate – to finish all the food on your plate
16.    to come clean – to own up to something
17.    to keep one’s hands/nose clean – to stay out of trouble 
18.    to make a clean breast of it – to own up to all your wrongdoings with the intention of starting over
19.    to sweep someone off their feet – to charm someone 
20.    to sweep something under the carpet – to conceal a problem to avoid dealing with it or getting into trouble 

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27 Mar 2020
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