Twenty Five Idioms about Sleep

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  1. a catnap – a short sleep in the day
  2. a night owl – someone who stays up late, someone who functions better at night
  3. a sleeping giant – someone with unrealised or emerging power
  4. a sleeping partner – a partner in a firm who doesn’t take a share in the workload
  5. beauty sleep – a stretch of sleep will keep one young and beautiful
  6. fast/sound asleep – deeply asleep
  7. forty winks – a short sleep in the day
  8. not sleep a wink – not sleep at all
  9. ready to drop – extremely tired, falling asleep
  10. shut-eye – sleep
  11. sleep tight! – sleep well!
  12. to burn the candle at both ends – to go to sleep early and wake up early
  13. to catch some Zs – to get some sleep
  14. to drop/nod off – to (briefly and unintentionally) fall asleep
  15. to get up on the wrong side of the bed – to start the day in a bad mood that lasts all day
  16. to go out like a light – to fall asleep quickly
  17. to hit the hay – to go to bed
  18. to hit the sack – to go to bed
  19. to let sleeping dogs lie – to avoid interfering with a situation so as not to cause trouble
  20. to lie/sleep in – to stay in bed longer than you usually do
  21. to lose sleep over something – to worry about something
  22. to sleep like a baby – to sleep very deeply
  23. to sleep like a log – to sleep very deeply
  24. to sleep on it – to delay making a decision until the next day so that you have time to think over it
  25. to turn in – to go to bed

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02 Oct 2018
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