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Word for Wednesday: Declutter

New year, new you – a phrase that you hear used a lot at this time of year. 

Many companies – including us – have shared articles about goal setting. Your friends and family members might be setting resolutions of their own. Perhaps you have one or two ideas about what you want to achieve this year. 

The word declutter is something else you hear quite a lot during the first part of the year. While it’s usually used around spring cleaning season, many people like to get ahead of the game. Decluttering describes the act of getting rid of unnecessary items from a (usually messy or overcrowded) space. Last year, on National Clean Off Your Desk Day, we shared some tips on how to declutter your workspace in order to encourage productivity. Learn more here

Clutter is linked to the words ‘cluster’ and ‘clatter’. It dates to the 1550s when it meant ‘to collect in heaps’ or ‘to crowd together in disorder’. It took on the meaning ‘to litter or crowd a place with a disorderly mass of things’ in the 1660s.

Do you need everything to be neat and tidy in order to be productive? Or are you someone who thrives in chaos? 

08 Jan 2020
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