Idioms about Transport and Travel: Part 2

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Read part one of our fifty idioms about travel and transport here.

  1. to cross that road when you come to it – to deal with a problem if and when it occurs rather than planning for it
  2. to drive a hard bargain – to be unwilling to compromise when making a deal
  3. to drive someone up the wall – to irritate someone
  4. to fall off the wagon – to give in and drink alcohol after trying to abstain
  5. to get the show on the road – to put a plan into action
  6. to go down a rocky road – to move into a difficult/challenging period
  7. to go to town – to go about something enthusiastically/extravagantly
  8. to hit a roadblock – to reach a difficulty/challenge that stops you from making progress
  9. to hit the road – to begin a journey
  10. to hitch your wagon to a star – to try and achieve by associating yourself with someone who is already successful
  11. to jump on the bandwagon – to join a growing movement just as it’s becoming fashionable
  12. to jump ship – to abandon someone/something at a time of difficulty/crisis
  13. to kick someone/something to the curb – to reject someone/something
  14. to live out of a suitcase – to travel/move frequently
  15. to miss the boat – to miss an opportunity by being too slow
  16. to put the brakes on – to slow down
  17. to reinvent the wheel – to waste time/effort on creating something that already exists
  18. to sail too close to the wind – to verge on the limit of what is acceptable/honourable
  19. to sail through – to achieve something with ease
  20. to step up a gear – to work harder to achieve to the best of your ability and improve
  21. to test drive – to try something out
  22. to travel light – to take a minimum load with you
  23. train of thought – a sequence of thoughts and how they connect to each other
  24. travel bug – boredom/restlessness/desire to travel
  25. wheels up – the time when a plan is due to be executed/a journey is due to begin

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23 Aug 2016
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