Word for Wednesday: Witty

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for November is other words for funny.

If something is funny, it means that it provokes laughter. The word has been used in English since 1756 and comes from the word ‘fun-‘ and the suffix ‘-y'. 'Fun' comes from the Middle English ‘fonnen’ meaning ‘befool’.

Over November we’ve looked at the words amusingdrollhilarious. and silly. Our final funny word of the month is witty.

If something is witty, it means it is characterised by quick and inventive verbal humour 

Here is witty used in some example sentences:

  • They exchanged a witty back-and-forth. 
  • She responded to the insult with a witty retort.

Witty comes from the Old English ‘wittig’ meaning ‘wise’. The idea of having ‘sparking wit’ dates to the 1580s.

30 Nov 2022
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