Word for Wednesday: Hilarious

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for November is other words for funny.

If something is funny, it means that it provokes laughter. The word has been used in English since 1756 and comes from the word ‘fun-‘ and the suffix ‘-y'. 'Fun' comes from the Middle English ‘fonnen’ meaning ‘befool’.

So far we’ve looked at the words amusing and droll. This week’s word is hilarious.

If something is hilarious, it means it is extremely funny.

  • Did you watch the hilarious video of the goat that sounds like a screaming man? 
  • They couldn’t stop laughing at the comedian’s hilarious jokes.

Hilarious dates to 1823 comes from the Latin ‘hilaris’ meaning ‘cheerful’. The word evolved to mean ‘boisterously joyful’ in 1835.

16 Nov 2022
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