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20 Idioms about Dogs

  1. a dog’s dinner – a mess, a poor piece of work
  2. a dog’s life – an unhappy life full of unfair treatment
  3. as clean as a hound's tooth – very clean
  4. as sick as a dog – extremely unwell 
  5. dog and pony show – an elaborate presentation or campaign
  6. dog-eat-dog – competitive to the point that people are willing to harm/undermine each other in order to succeed
  7. every dog has its day – everyone will achieve success at some point in their lifetime 
  8. hair of the dog – an alcoholic beverage consumed to cure a hangover
  9. in the doghouse – in disgrace/trouble 
  10. raining cats and dogs – raining heavily
  11. someone's bark is worse than their bite – someone’s fierce exterior doesn’t match their true personality 
  12. to bark up the wrong tree – to pursue a misguided theory 
  13. to fight like cats and dogs – to continually and viciously argue
  14. to go to the dogs – to deteriorate 
  15. to let sleeping dogs lie – to avoid interfering with a situation so as not to cause trouble
  16. to see a man about a dog – to attend an undisclosed appointment 
  17. to work like a dog – to work extremely hard 
  18. top dog – someone who is successful or dominant in their field
  19. with one's tail between one`s legs – humiliated, in disgrace 
  20. you can't teach an old dog new tricks – you can’t make people change 

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20 Aug 2019
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