3 Word Lists for April

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There are over a million word lists on Spellzone. Each one can be used in a variety of online and offline activities.

  1. Words ending in 're'

    In British English, the weak vowel ending is sometimes spelt with the letters 're'. Learn more about the differences between British English and American English in Unit 36.
  2. Easter Vocabulary

    Easter falls on April 17 this year. If you need a break from all the chocolate, why not spend some time testing yourself on these Easter vocabulary words? You can even practise them in our Easter Egg Hunt spelling game. 
  3. Characters from Much Ado About Nothing

    April 23 marks Shakespeare Day. How many of these Much Ado About Nothing character names can you spell? What about the characters from these plays

01 Apr 2022
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Anne Shisler, SENCO, City of London School for Girls