Word for Wednesday: Flip-flop

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Our Word for Wednesday theme for May is onomatopoeia

An onomatopoeic word imitates the sound of the action or thing it describes.

Onomatopoeic words are often used to describe animal sounds (chirp, hiss, meow, oink, squeak, etc), collisions (crash, bang, wallop, etc.); voice-related sounds (grunt, giggle, guffaw, rasp, wheeze, etc.); and water-related sounds (drip, gush, trickle, pitter-patter, etc.).

Last week we looked at the word bumblebee and today’s onomatopoeic word is flip-flop

A flip-flop is a casual backless sandal which is held in place with a y-shaped strap between the big toe and second toe. Flip-flops are usually made from rubber and worn on the beach. In some parts of the world, flip flops are known as thongs

This shoe is named after the slapping sound the rubber sole makes when you walk in them. The word dates to 1970. 

The term flip-flop has described a ‘complete reversal of direction’ since 1900. Today, the term is sometimes refers to 'an abrupt reversal of or change in policy'.

12 May 2021
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