Spellzone August Round-Up 2020

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  • We kicked off August by returning to our 10 Words feature where we looked at alternatives for the word hot. Whether you love or hate summer weather, this blog post will help you describe it. 
  • In this month’s Commonly Confused Words post we looked at the words flower and flour. Do you know when to use which word?
  •  In our Idioms article we looked at figurative expressions about flowers. We also shared a list of all our Idioms articles from over the years. 
  • We continued with the flower theme in July’s Word for Wednesday posts. We looked at a flower that opens at dawn and closes at dusk, flowers named for their resemblance to flesh and headwear, and a flower named for its healing properties.  

31 Aug 2020
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"I would like to thank you so much for this great website. I have always been ashamed of my spelling but after a few lessons I am already better. It is filling in all the gaps. Thanks."

Student, France