20 Idioms about Flowers

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  1. “Oops-a-daisy!” – an expression of encouragement said to a child who has fallen/ hurt him or herself, an expression of mild annoyance used when something has gone wrong
  2. a late bloomer – someone who is slower than their peers to develop in a particular field
  3. a shrinking violet – a (comically) shy person
  4. a thorn in your side – a source of annoyance or discomfort 
  5. as fresh as a daisy – healthy, energetic, youthful
  6. flowery – a word used to describe speech, writing, or language that uses elaborate (but not necessarily effective) literary words or devices
  7. no bed of roses – difficult, uncomfortable 
  8. primrose path – an easy and pleasurable way of life (especially when it ends in doom)
  9. pushing up the daisies – dead and buried
  10. there is no rose without a thorn – even an apparently good situation will have its share of problems 
  11. to come out smelling roses – to emerge from a difficult situation in a favourable manner
  12. to come up roses – to develop favourably 
  13. to cut down tall poppies – to criticise those who stand out or are successful
  14. to deserve a bouquet of orchids– to deserve praise 
  15. to gild the lily – to attempt to improve something that is already perfect 
  16. to nip something in the bud – to put an end to something before it has the chance to grow out of hand and into a problem (or metaphorical weed)
  17. to sow the seeds of – to do something that will bring about a particular result 
  18. to take root – to become established 
  19. under the rose – in secret 
  20. wallflower – someone who is shy or excluded at a party, someone who observes rather than participates 


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13 Aug 2020
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