24 Ways to Ensure Schoolwide Spelling Success in 2024

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Welcome to the new year! Are you ready to make the most of Spellzone in 2024?

Here’s checklist of 24 ways to ensure you're starting the year on the right track:

  1. Spring term is here, why not get ahead on your spring cleaning? If your team has changed, learn how to to update your Spellzone staff list.
  2. Now is also the time to add any new students and remove students who are no longer using Spellzone. More students than last year? Contact us to upgrade your Spellzone subscription.
  3. If you have out-of-date classes on your Spellzone account, learn how to delete them and add new ones here
  4. It’s time to take stock of 2023’s progress and set goals for 2024. Learn how to find your school’s Spellzone statistics for 2023.
  5. Are you a class teacher? Here is how you can look at Spellzone results for just your class. 
  6. You can also view an individual student’s results.
  7. Once you’ve looked at your results from 2023, it’s time to reset the Spelling Ability Test. Your students will be provided with an updated Course Pathway and you will have a starting point to track their progress from over the coming year.
  8. The beginning of the year is a great time to think about which Spellzone features your students will benefit from most.
  9. Want to incorporate Spellzone into your lesson plan? Look no further.
  10. You can also take a look at how other school’s use Spellzone for ideas.
  11. Curious about what Spellzone looks like from a student’s perspective? Try switching to Student mode.
  12. Have you explored Spellzone’s accessibility features? All staff and students can adapt Spellzone to suit their specific needs, as well as take advantage of a variety of read-aloud features.
  13. Involving parents and carers in the learning journey can be invaluable and we are here to help. Click here for sample letters, parents’ guides, consent forms, and more.  
  14. Did you know you can cross-reference your students’ Course Pathways with the National Curriculum to identify any gaps in learning?
  15. If you would like your students to cover a specific spelling pattern or rule, you can choose a Spellzone unit to set as an additional task.
  16. Any mistakes your students make will appear in their My Difficult Words section for targeted spelling practice. Learn how to view your students’ mistakes here.
  17. There are thousands of word lists on Spellzone and you can quickly and easily adapt any word list to suit your student’ needs.  
  18. Looking for a specific word list? Explore Course Lists for spelling patterns and Curriculum Lists for lists organised by curriculum requirements including subject-specific vocabulary at KS3 and GCSE level.
  19. Working with EAL students? Click on Vocabulary Lists for useful English words in a variety of areas. 
  20. Don’t forget word lists can be translated into over ninety different languages and used in a variety of online and offline activities.
  21. Found the perfect list? Learn how to set it as a task for your students here
  22. Working with more than one student? Let them compete in a multiplayer spelling game.
  23. Students working on Spellzone earn points and certificates for their effort and achievement. Don’t forget to reward their hard work!
  24. Still need help? Book a free staff training session and we will give you a tour of Spellzone and answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you for the wonderful feedback you've been sharing with us this year on EdTech Impact. If Spellzone is a useful resource in your school, please consider filling in this survey. Your insights will help other teachers find us and ensure we can continue to improve Spellzone for schools all over the world.


10 Jan 2024
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"I would like to thank you so much for this great website. I have always been ashamed of my spelling but after a few lessons I am already better. It is filling in all the gaps. Thanks."

Student, France