3 Word Lists for January 2021

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Did you know there are over a million word lists on Spellzone? Every word list can be used in a variety of online and offline activities – learn more about them here.

Each month in 2021, we will highlight 3 word lists for you to use when practising your spelling. Here are January’s:  

  1. Words from Scotland

    As it is Burns Night later this month, we’ve chosen to highlight a list of words that originate in Scotland for our first word list this month. Learn more about these words here and practise spelling them here.

    Burns Night is an event celebrating the life and work of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. It has been marked on the poet’s birthday every year since the eighteenth century. Even if you haven’t heard of Robert Burns, you may be familiar with his poem Auld Lang Syne which is often sung at New Year’s and translates to ‘old long since’. Learn more about Burns Night here.

  2. Silent K Words 

    Many spelling problems are caused by silent letters. Learn more about them in Unit 22 of the spelling course and see our 5 tips for dealing with them in this blog post. 

    The second word list we’ve chosen to highlight this month will help you practise how to spell silent k words. Practise here.

  3. Wh- Question Words

    What? Where? Why?

    The final list we’re highlighting this month will help you practise spelling wh- question words. Click here for the word list and here to learn more about how to format questions in your writing. 


Don’t forget there are lots of different ways you can use a Spellzone word list to help you practise your spelling. Learn more about them here

Do you have a favourite Spellzone word list?

14 Jan 2021
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"I would like to thank you so much for this great website. I have always been ashamed of my spelling but after a few lessons I am already better. It is filling in all the gaps. Thanks."

Student, France