Five reasons why it is worth learning to spell

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Unfortunately there is no shortcut when it comes to learning how to spell – it takes practice, and sometimes lots of it. Spellzone will guide you through the ins and outs of English spelling, but you are probably wondering: Is it worth the effort?

Here are five reasons why we think learning how to spell is important……

  1. Poor spelling can lose you marks in exams
    More and more examination criteria are testing students’ ability to spell and punctuate well. Whilst this may seem unfair, it doesn’t seem worth taking the risk. Do you really want to lose marks in a subject you’re passionate about because of poor spelling?
  2. Poor spelling will distract your reader
    Writing ‘loose’ when you mean ‘lose’ or ‘except’ when you mean ‘accept’ might not feel like such a big deal, but it is enough to confuse your reader. The moment it takes for the reader to work out what the misspelled word is supposed to be will take their attention away from what you are trying to say
  3. Poor spelling can completely change the meaning of your sentence
    If you write about eating a pair, for example, your reader might spend the rest of the article trying to figure out what you ate a pair of. Socks? Sunglasses? Or perhaps you meant a pear?
  4. Poor spelling can give a bad impression?
    When it comes to CVs and Job/University applications, good spelling is essential. Everything your potential employer knows about you will be based on how your CV is presented. It’s important that you don’t stand out from the crowd for the wrong reasons. Spelling mistakes will not reflect well on you, and may even result in your application being thrown away! Always ask a trusted friend to read through applications before submitting – and remember: spell-checkers won’t spot everything.

  5. Poor spelling can cost companies a fortune
    Just as potential employers will only have a CV to assess your character by, potential customers and clients will only have the information you give them. A spelling mistake on a website or in an advertisement will make you look unprofessional, put customers off, and give you a bad reputation. And then there’s the cost of any reprinting you may need!

Whilst English spelling is difficult, it is definitely necessary to get to grips with it. In our next two posts we will share some ways that might make learning confusing words a little easier.


26 Apr 2013
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"This is a fantastic opportunity for our students!  I'm sure Spellzone will be invaluable in helping them to improve their spellings and therefore improve the quality of their writing in all subject areas!"

Teacher, High School, UK