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If you have logged into Spellzone recently, you may have noticed a link to the Spelling Ability Test – a new resource we’ve added to make Spellzone even easier to use.

What is the Spelling Ability Test?

After many requests from both teachers and students, we have a developed the Spelling Ability Test to help students ascertain the best point for them to begin the Spellzone course. The site will provide a tailored version of the course for each student depending on their results and the gaps in their knowledge. A starting spelling score will also help to document the student’s progress and achievements.

Who can use the Spelling Ability Test?

The Spelling Ability Test is available to new users who are looking for a personally-tailored route through Spellzone, and to existing users (at key points during the course) to help them measure their progress and find out if they need to repeat any units.

Students, once they have started the course, may not take the Spelling Ability Test whenever they want, but only after every eight units or if a teacher has set the test as a task.

Why will the Spelling Ability Test make using Spellzone easier?

When the automatic test facility is enabled, teachers will have to do less in order to manage student accounts, and the test results will provide evidence of each student’s progress.

Students studying independently will be given direction on where to start, feedback on their progress, and advice on which units (if any) they should repeat.

How does the Spelling Ability Test work?

Each student will be tested on the spellings of a series of words, each of which will become progressively more difficult. Each word that appears in the test will relate to a particular unit of the Spellzone course, and the test will feature at least two words from every unit.

The test will finish once a student gets a set percentage of questions incorrect.

How are the results presented?

The results to the Spelling Ability Test are presented in two ways: as a score out of 110 and as a personal Course Pathway.

The score should only be seen as a starting point from which to mark a student’s improvement. When a student takes the test again later in the course, subject to their ability, the score should increase.

The personal Course Pathway, however, is more important. It will indicate which unit a student should start the course on, and which further units they should study. When they take the test again later in the course, their Course Pathway will be re-evaluated.

I have more questions – who do I speak to?

Click here for all our contact information. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

14 Jan 2016
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"I love your course..... you explain so much that I didn't know, forgot, or wasn't taught."

Adult student, USA