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Christmassy Words for Wednesday

Merry Christmas to all our course subscribers and blog readers! Whatever you are doing, we hope you are having a lovely day. 

Here are some of the Christmassy Words for Wednesday we’ve shared over the years: 

1)    December
'Decem' is Latin for 'ten', so why is it the twelfth month of the year that’s called December?

2)    Advent
Is advent a period of anticipation or a period of reflection? 

3)    Pudding
Christmas puddings may be delicious, but the origins of this word are less appealing...

4)    Reindeer
How long have these creatures been a part of Christmas mythology? 

5)    Trim
Trim is a Janus word, which means it has two contradictory meanings. Depending on the context, it can mean 'cut away' or 'adorn'.

6)    Tinsel 
Do you deck everything you can see with tinsel or do you absolutely hate the stuff? 

7)    Partridge
There’s another word that rhymes with ‘part’ and originates from the same root as partridge. Can you guess what it is?

Once again, from all the team at Spellzone, we hope you have a restful Christmas season.  


25 Dec 2019
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