Idioms and Expressions about Circles

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  1. a square peg in a round hole – someone who is in a situation which is unsuited to their abilities
  2. all round – for or by everyone, in every way
  3. circle of life – the lifecycle, the death of one thing gives life to another
  4. circle/sphere of influence – a field/area/country in which a person/organisation/government has the power to affect developments despite having no formal authority
  5. comedy circuit – the venues and events at which comedians perform during a tour
  6. left, right, and centre – on all sides
  7. literary circle – a group of people (usually writers or students) involved in the literary scene
  8. round robin – a competition/tournament that involves each participant taking a turn against every other competitor
  9. round the bend – crazy
  10. round trip – a journey that involves going to a destination and returning
  11. round-up – the systematic gathering together of people or things
  12. something that makes the world go (a)round – something that’s considered very important
  13. to attempt to square the circle – to attempt something impossible
  14. to circle the drain – to experience a rapidly worsening situation which will likely end in failure or disaster
  15. to circle the wagon – to unite over defending a common interest
  16. to come (a)round – to return to consciousness, to be converted to someone else’s view
  17. to come/turn full circle – to return (inevitably) to a past position/situation/stance
  18. to go/run around in circles – to very busily do something for a long time without achieving anything 1
  19. to move in the best circles – to keep the best company
  20. vicious circle – a cycle in which two things each get stuck repeatedly aggravating the other and making the overall the situation worse

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11 Dec 2018
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