25 Idioms about Joy

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  1. a barrel/bundle of laughs – something that's fun or amusing 
  2. a bundle of joy – a baby
  3. as happy as a clam – very happy 
  4. as happy as Larry – very happy
  5. as pleased as punch – delighted, proud
  6. buzzing – very excited
  7. fool’s paradise – happiness predicated on ignoring potential problems or troubles
  8. happy accident – a mistake or unplanned occurrence which results in something good
  9. happy camper – someone who is comfortable and content
  10. happy-go-lucky – cheerfully content, unconcerned about the future
  11. in seventh heaven – extremely happy
  12. in stitches – laughing uncontrollably
  13. like a dog with two tails – delighted
  14. on cloud nine – very happy
  15. on top of the world – very happy, elated
  16. one’s pride and joy – something one is very proud of 
  17. over the moon – delighted
  18. to be full of the joys of spring – to be in a good mood, cheerful and lively 
  19. to burst with joy – to be almost unbearably happy 
  20. to grin like a Cheshire cat – to have a fixed wide smile on your face
  21. to have a ball – to have a really good time
  22. to have a whale of a time – to have a really good time
  23. to jump/leap for joy – to feel ecstatic 
  24. to light up – to look pleased
  25. walking on air – to feel joyous, to be in a very good mood

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22 May 2020
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